Stuck Between A Bern and A Biden Place

Anyone who follows me knows that I’m fiercely political. The why of that is a different conversation. We’re here to talk about where I sit currently, because not discussing it isn’t really my MO, but – like a great so many things – it’s a little bit too nuanced to get into on Twitter.

Some house cleaning, before we get any further: I voted for Warren. I will vote for whoever wins the democratic nomination. I will passionately encourage other people to vote for whoever wins the democratic nomination.

So, if I am a self-proclaimed fiercely political (and far-left leaning) person, then why have I been so quiet since Super Tuesday? While my vote has been cast, there’s still other ways for me to be involved. Phone banking, donating, otherwise using my voice to encourage folks to lean in one direction or another are all options available to me. Where’s that voice then, girl?

Here’s where I’m stuck– I agree with Bernie Sanders on a great many issues. In a perfect world, he would be my choice over Joe Biden in a land slide. Both are relics, but at least one of them shares the same beliefs that I do. That should mean that there’s no struggle! Vote Sanders! Leggo! So what’s the problem?

The problem is that I don’t believe Bernie Sanders can lead.

Inspiring people and leading them are not the same. You need the first part to create a movement, sure, but if you cannot lead them then what good are you? Ol’ Bern’s got that inspiration thing in spades. His inability to lead those he has inspired has resulted in a toxic movement that the other part of his base would like to see ignored. But plugging your ears and saying “lalalalal” doesn’t remove the years of harassment that myself and many others have endured. Showing up in my mentions telling me I’m wrong to be bothered by it doesn’t make it go bye-bye either. Just makes me think you’re an asshole.

This isn’t about electibility (of course it’s not, he’s a dude!). There’s a chance he beats out Trump – even if the behavior of our entire party has me currently concerned that it won’t happen regardless – but that win means little if we can’t unite both the country and our own damn party. And, I gotta be frank, his record of getting shit done over his many years in office doesn’t really impress me anyway.

So that’s where we’re at. Is Bernie my preference over Biden on paper? By a landslide. Have Bernie supporters treated me and others as abhorrently as Trump supporters? Yeah, y’all. Stop trivializing the bullshit behavior of your own camp and get your house in order. Do I think Bernie can get anything that he wants to accomplish done?

… not really.

And that’s that. This little note was solely to get where I stand out on paper in a way that Twitter can’t satisfy. I will vote for who I must. I hope to inspire others to do the same. I do not believe the two remaining candidates are the same with the exception of the fact that both of them leave me with little faith for completely different reasons.

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