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 John Wesley Shipp
Sigourney Weaver
Mike Colter, Finn Jones, and Charlie Cox
Clare Kramer
Marco Ramirez
Shay Mitchell

Birth. Movies. Death
Freelance Writer (Nov 2016-April 2020)

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The Importance of Heroes In Times of Crisis
Science Fiction and the Women Who Run the Place
Has Marvel Solved its Villain Problem?
RBG: Real Life Wonder Woman
Say Something Nice: THE PHANTOM MENACE
The DCTV Trinity
Star Wars: A Galaxy of Sass
Broad Cinema: Dolly Parton
From Horrors to Galaxy Guarding: A James Gunn Retrospective
The Many Faces of Anne Hathaway
Broad Cinema: Kathleen Kennedy

Freelance Writer (June 2018-Present)
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8 Wrestlers Furthering the Women’s Revolution
The Women’s Revolution Opens Doors for WWE
8 Superheroes Who Would Be Lost Without the Women In Their Lives
6 Scenes We’d Love to See In IT: CHAPTER 2
9 Episodes That Prove You Shouldn’t Sleep on SUPERNATURAL Season 14

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls
Freelance Writer (Dec 2015-Dec 2018)


Movie Matters: Ghostbusters
National Women’s Party Interview
“Scrappy Little Nobody” Book Review
Notes to My 12 Year-Old Self: Don’t Be Afraid to Make Female Friends 

Entertainment Earth
Freelance Writer (Aug 2016-Aug 2019)

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Queens of the Galaxy
In Defense of the Remake
It Means Hope: The Relevance of Supergirl
Comic Book Sales on the Rise
An Ode to Stunt Teams: Mad Max Fury Road
The Wit of Star Wars: A Galaxy of Sass
Supernatural Survival Guide
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review
We Are Groot

Culturess by FanSided
Freelance Writer (August 2016-December 2016)

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Much Ado about the DCEU: A House Divided Cannot Stand
A Look at Brie Larson: She’s the Captain Now
The Importance of Supporting Women in Media