I’m Sorry, Who?

I see you’ve stumbled across the world wide web and onto my site. Do people still call it the world wide web? Do people under twenty even know what I’m talking about? Anyway! Welcome.

In my Sunday best.

I’m a sass-filled fangirl who will write about mostly anything so long as it adheres to my ethical code* and the money is right. That makes me sound like some sort of noble mercenary. I assure you I’m not that interesting, I’m just one of those annoying people who doesn’t compromise their morals**. I make up for it with all of my other stellar qualities, such as liking food more than I like any of you reading this and a deep obsession with dinosaurs. Obviously self-promotion is another one of my countless talents!

You can find my writing strewn across the web at places like DC Comics, Collider, Birth. Movies. Death, and and more. I’m a critic in some places, an editorialist (not a word) in others, and fangirl and feminist always. Currently, I’m the full-time entertainment editor for whattowatch.com.

When I’m not writing, you can find me covering and/or hosting events, cosplaying, chainmailing, or hiding on my couch re-charging from all of the above.  I’m sure it’s fascinating to read me blathering on about myself, but you can check out my portfolio, or contact me with any questions if you want to know more. There’s pizza to be found and comments about being a Marvel/DC/Whatever-Other-Property-I-Wasn’t-Mean-To-At-The-Time shill to read!

*This basically means that no amount of money will make me tell another unsuspecting human being that Batman v Superman is worth watching. YOU FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK, YOU MONSTER!

**This is all a ruse. I don’t actually have any.