“One Bed” is Like A Hug for Shippers Everywhere

Anyone who’s looking for a fast and fun little shipper dream need not look any farther than “One Bed” by Alex Zalben. Some questionable pairing choices aside (sorry not sorry, Alex ^.~), this fun little short is the perfect quick read for a cozy Sunday afternoon.

“One Bed” manages to be cute and cuddly even when it’s focusing on a pairing that you may not ship. It balances hard questions with enjoyable fluff, and still presents a real and relateable story between Chloe and her new friends at the Exit One Bed and Breakfast.

You can check it out in print here.
And on Kindle here.

Be sure to follow Alex‘s nonsense over on Twitter. And, if you do pick up the book, remember that reviews go a long way on Amazon. Happy reading!

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